Empire of Millennium is Where all the Royal children live and where most of their subjects live.It is the most powerful nation in the world and it's rule by Emperor Kaname Kuran & Empress Akasha Bloodriver,the Empire is the Country of Novella which mostly population is Woman. 

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Holy Empire of Millennium

  • Akasha Bloodriver (Current Empress)
  • Princess Moka (Next Empress)


The Millennium Empire was Originally Founded By Mostly Akasha Bloodriver and Her husband Kaname Kuran; the Empire was Actually in a Different dimension at first it even floated in the air but Kaname and Akasha though about their first five daughters and made a decision to raise their children and Country in the Human world in a abandoned area so they could live in the human world but not be disturbed by them. Years Later their country had blossomed in a wonderful place and is even on the map and now even some human coexist with them and go to their schools.

Imperial Family Members ListEdit

Holy City MillennialEdit

The holy city of Millennium is called Millennial Nova this is were all the people of the Empire live. Most of the population is Woman & their is small population of man,most of the birth in hole population of the Empire is Girls & 5-10 man rarely.

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Holy City Millennial

Novania CastleEdit

Novania Castle the Palace where all of the Royal Childern and where Emperor Kaname Kuran and Empress Akasha Bloodriver live.The Duaghters share a very big room and they have a ring of beds around the room.

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Novania Castle

Motherly LoveEdit

Akasha Loves hers daughters more than anything even her step child Ai Kuran she would do anything to protect them from harm.When The first Imperial Princess Moka was born she was on the verge of death so Akasha gave Moka most of her blood in order for Moka to live but all their other children were more healthy and no sign of verge death syndrome.The daughters are just like Akasha when it comes to Motherly love but more like Daughterly/Sisterly Love when it their siblings or nieces & nephew they treat them like their own children specially the older siblings to their Younger siblings.
  • Motherly Love (Moka & Akasha)
  • Lunaeyes hug Stella (Little Sister)
  • Kazuha pating Ouka's Head
  • Young Kazuha holding baby Kazuya
  • Kazuya with Cassandra
  • Emi & Her daughter Alas-Ramus

Millennium's Bureaucracy SystemEdit

Millenniums Bureaucracy system is very high most of the Bureaucracy is made Nobles,High Priestess Princesses,Lords & Princess of High rank almost as high as The Empires Princesses.

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Millenniums Bureaucracy (13 Mistress)

Citizen of MillennialEdit

Mostly of The Millennium people are Women & 1/5 are Males but since most of them are women they posesses high magic abilities & Supernatural abilities.The Women of their nation has high magic & charms that they use their more powerful than men.Most of the birth population is Woman,when the child is born it is tested to see weather or not the child is a vampire or Human.

  • Millennium Citizen at Party
  • Millennium Nobles (School girls)
  • Nobles

Baptismal RitualEdit

The Baptismal Ritual is preformed on the royal family's children it happens on the children 16 birthday which means they are considered as true member of the Royal family.The Whole millennium kingdom celebrates on this special day.

  • Julis During the Baptismal Ritual
  • Heroine Baptismal Ritual Dress
  • Moka As does the Baptismal Ritual
  • Akasha Smiling during the Baptismal Ritual
  • Rias Baptismal Ritual Dress
  • Rias Doing her Baptismal Ritual
  • Miyuki Baptismal Ritual