Name:Arnett Akashiya kuran


Birth Name:Arnett Akashiya kuran francoise de blanc de la valliere von phoenix gremory sonozaki deviluke


Sobriquet:The Slashing Trickster

Hair Color:Red

Eye Color:Brown


Occupation:Princess,Student,Pandora,Platoon Leader

Affiliation:West Genetics,Gremory Clan,Phenex Clan,Moon Kingdom,The Royal Family

Stigmata #:3



Volt Weapon:Scythe Machina

Race:Shinso Vampire, Sekirei, Pureblood

Relatives:LadyAkasha Bloodriver (Mother) King Kaname Kuran (Father) Elizabeth Akashiya kuran (Sister) Ingrid Akashiya kuran (Sister) Ticy Akashiya kuran (Sister) Morrison Abebe (Limiter/Husband) Kaname Akashiya Kuran (Sister) Mikumo Akashiya kuran (Sister) Carol Akashiya kuran (Dimensional Twin Sister /Counterpart) Asuha Akashiya kuran (Younger Sister)

  • Princess Arnett
  • Arnett Party Dress
  • Arnett Volt Weapon Scythe Machina
  • Arnett Showing how Scary She Can Truly Be
  • Princess Arnett With a Her Volt Weapon
  • Arnett Using Accel Tempest
  • Arnett Attacks Petty From Behind
  • Young Princess Arnett
  • Arnett Huging her Sister Elly on her Return
  • Pandora Princess Arentt
  • Arnett Out of The Pol
  • Arnett after Compatibility Test
  • Arnett looking at a picture of her Family
  • Arnett as Junior Pandora
  • Arnett Eating Like A Princess Should
  • Arnett after the Carnival
  • Arnett a True Princess
  • Arnett Receives A letter from her Real Parents
  • Princess Arnett Showing herself to be a true member of The Phenex Clan
  • People Sacred Of Princess Arnett
  • Princess Arnett putting on Lipstick
  • Arnett Wearing a Beautiful Dress
  • Arnett saying she will take care of Morrison
  • Aren't First Appearance of Her Volt Weapon
  • Arentt Test her weapon
  • Arnett vs Elizabeth
  • Arnett avoiding Elizabeth lazer
  • Arnett vs Attia
  • Arnett from the side and satellizer from above
  • Arnett and Satellizer finish Nova
  • Arnett,Elizabeth and Satellizer Shocked
  • Arnett scared